A21 Studios gets honored at EIAS 2022

Eldrok India Architecture Summit 2022

A21 Studios got honored by Eldrok India Architecture Awards 2022, sponsored by Kajaria, for Excellence in High End Home Architecture & Consulting at the Eldrok India Architecture Summit held at ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad on the 26th of August 2022. The Studio was selected along with 111 others for various categories out of a list of 900+ firms from the city.

About the Summit

Eldrok India Architecture Summit is a platform, where one gets to meet the leading architects, industry entrepreneurs and some of the best regarded thought leaders, corporate executives, government officials, consultants & policy makers under one roof.

Where one gets a chance to build their knowledge by communicating face-to-face with the think tanks from the world of architecture and witness the most insightful discussions on Challenges, Innovations and Advancement in the sector. 150+ distinguished leading Architects of Hyderabad, who are the key decision makers from their respective firms had attended the event.